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Fix problems at your home or business by depending on Michael & Son Services – a trusted plumber, electrician, and HVAC contractor. For more than 37 years, our family-owned-and-operated company has been helping business owners and homeowners with a wide variety of home repair services. Whether a pipe has burst, an outlet isn’t working, or your AC is broken, you can depend on Michael & Son Services in Northern Virginia, Washington, DC, MD & the DMV area.

Michael & Son Services has been serving the metropolitan area for over 40 years, established in 1976 by my father Mousa “Mike” Mansour, along with the help of my mother Siham “Suzi” Mansour. My Father had an all too typical poor immigrant story; leaving school at the age of twelve in order to work and help support his family, he started learning the electrical trade at the age of twelve. After immigrating to America in 1968, he found work as a union electrician during the day and worked for his customers on week nights and weekends. Since the age of 6 years old, I tagged along with my father on any Saturday, school holidays and summer vacations. I enjoyed working with my father and the friendship we had. While my father wasn’t a wealthy man he gave me a wealth of experiences and a great foundation for both the technical skills and values that would define the man that I am. He taught me the value of being an honorable man of your word. I owe all that I have to what my parents gave me.

On June 1, 1990, my Father died at the age of 47. I was only 19 years old at the time, barely in college, when I had to take over the family business. Like my father, I had to leave school to take care of my family; a younger sister and my mother. If it hadn’t been for my mother comforting and shielding me from all the financial difficulties; I do not know if I would have survived. But my father did leave me something; a great foundation. He taught me never to give up, and he left me an incredible work ethic. In the midst of a recession with lots of well established companies failing, I survived with the help of my mother and my need to survive to provide financial support for my mother and sister.

In 1998 my sister Joanna left a job in the brokerage business to join the family business. She helped redevelop the office structure of the company. In 1999 after trying many different areas of business I decided to strictly focus on service. We started advertising, and building our business on the focus that customers come first. If we ran late on a job and a customer was expecting us we worked late. Whatever was necessary for our customers was our motto. We grew quickly and have grown from having 3 trucks in 1999 to having over 500 trucks on the road today. We added other practices to our business, handyman in 2001, plumbing in 2003, generators in 2005, heating and air conditioning in 2007, and fire, water and mold restoration in 2014. We have grown because I have been very lucky to surround myself with good managers and a staff of team players. My people respect me because I have respect for them. We all believe in what my father taught me as a kid, which was to serve the customer first and have pride in your work.

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